Équipe MMB : Matériaux Multi échelles et Biomécanique

Biomécanique, mécanique des chocs et vibrations

De Équipe MMB : Matériaux Multi échelles et Biomécanique
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Our group is constituted by a pluridisciplinary management group of five persons including specialists in fluid and solid mechanics and forensic science. Currently about 15 researchers are working at this group at different levels including obviously PhD students.

Biomechanics team has a more than 20 years experience in biological tissue and head neck system identification both in vivo and in vitro with special skills in human modeling. We develop finite element models of adult and children head-neck systems validated against in vivo and in vitro experimental data. The models are geometrically biofaithfull, representing closely the main anatomical features of the human segments. Extensive use of the developed models under accidental circumstances led to the definition of improved injury criteria.

The coupling of the human segment models with the protective systems permits an original optimization against biomechanical injury criteria.

Finally our group acts as an expert in the field of legal medicine or insurance expertises as both aspects, human body kinematics and tissue level injury prediction are addressed. Currently fall cases, ballistic head injury, motorcycle accidents, sport accidents and children abuse cases have been elucidated in our team with highest confidentiality. Our team has been chosen as Expert by different Courts in the field of biomechanics in order to help to answer different medico-legal aspects of head and neck injuries. We typically bring complementary knowledge and comprehension in difficult cases where biomechanics of the head and neck have to be addressed.